Better than ever (part 3)


Well, if Yoda himself says so… Welcome to part 3 of our constant evolution!

Many new features for the creation of your Newsletter

  • Insert a calendar event. Because we all know the difference a calendar event can add to the effectiveness of a Newsletter.
  • Insert a template. When you don’t need to create a whole new template but might need part of it, use this feature to create beautiful already made columns, buttons or images.

And the creme of the crop, what we consider one of our best new feature, thanks to NiftyImages, the insertion of a personalized image and a countdown timer.

Personalized image:

An image that can speak directly to your customer with the combined features of the NiftyImages website, our dynamic content feature and personalization field feature.

Here’s an example: nifty9

Check out the instructions here.


Countdown Timer:

A countdown clock that can be set in many languages and used to countdown to any of your special events or webinars.

Here’s an example: nifty11

Check out the instructions here.

Now imagine how effective your Newsletter will become when you match the countdown clock to a calendar event. Yeah, we’re shuddering too!

So here is a recap of our new features:

1- A sign-up form directly connected to your eFlyerMaker contact list available for your WordPress or Magento website

2- A sign-up form directly connected to your eFlyerMaker contact list available for your Facebook page

3- 12 free responsive design templates

4- 100% responsive Drag & Drop template builder

5- Insert a template

6- Insert a calendar event

7- Insert personalized image

8- Insert a countdown timer

We really hope you will enjoy these new features! We’d also like you to comment below about what you think of our mass mailing tool?

If you don’t have any comments, it’s probably because you never tried it. Stop hesitating, join us now!